Went to breath the fresh mountain air. It was tough walk for 7hours, but refreshed😊

28th April~7th May 2014

I went to see my mom in Nagasaki and had a great holidays! Already getting home sick now...


We had a great event of SCBWI with Rosemary Wells. She is an absolutely incredible person, and her lecture was so clear and powerful!! After that, we had a dinner with her. I couldn't take herpicture but she was there!😊


Started the season of summer climbing.
Went to Hakone Mt.Komagatake and Mt.Kamiyama trail. Fun to walk, but why didn't met other people so much except some Gaijin? Curious!

22th march 2014 Snow Trekking

Went to the snow trekking to Yokodake. Awesome weather and charged the fresh air!


I visited Korea 2 years ago, and since then always miss for that wonderful country.
And Finaly! I could visit there again!

The Goal of this year

7th~9th Sep. I went to this year's climbing goal, Yarigatake with my friends.

First and second day were raining and chilly.

But fortunately, last day when we climb to the top, was clear.

It was so tough, but really fulfilled with the energy of the nature and holy feeling.

Trip for Yatsugatake

I climbed to the one of the highest peak in Yatsugatake(The Eight Peaks) on 3rd and 4th, August 2013.
It was nice weather for climbing, not so hot but clear to watching around to enjoy the mountain sight.

First day we walked to the lodge among the trees and stay there one night.

Next day, started the lodge at 5:10 in the morning.

After climbing up the long steep mountain side, we reached to the top of the peak at 8:25.

It's so nice standing at the top and breathe some fresh air!

Next, will be Yarigatake 3180m, on September.

Went to Kanegatake in the west of Kanagawa prefecture for walking with my son.

A new picture for "The Miracle Tree"

I'm on the new work " The Miracle Tree".

9月6日から11日まで東京渋谷恵比寿のギャラリーMalleでSCBWI Tokyo Illustratorの展示会があります。




It was accepted for the Exhibition of Ueno no Mori Art Museum.




「月鳥は月だけを想う」 リュ・シファのエッセイより



すべて 月への想いで



そして 雨鳥は想う






すべてをかけて 愛するのは


My story


Back when I was fourteen, I was very sick. I would have a nose bleed every morning, just by leaning over the sink to wash my face. I would also black out for a second when I took a bath.
One day my mother took me to the hospital.
After the examination, the doctor seemed to be debating whether to say something or not.
At last, he asked to my mother,
"Was anyone in your family exposed to the atom-bomb?"
She froze for a moment and said,
"Yes, her grandfather was..."
I was surprised because I knew my father had been exposed too. So I said,
"Mom, wasn't dad there too?"
Mother got in a panic and ordered me to wait for her outside the examination room.
I don't know what they talked about after I left the room.
But at a dinner time that day,
My father asked all four of us children this question.
"What would be the most impious thing you could do?"
He usually asked us questions about things that concerned him before a dinner.

Nobody answered, so I said,
"To die before our parents die."
Father looked lost for words, and then, after a long moment he said,
"Yes. Never die before we do."
Then, he said to me, " The doctor said that you need a full and detailed physical examination. Do you want to take it?"
I was frightened because I was just a teenage girl, and it was frightening to think of somebody touching me. So I refused to take it.
"No! I don't need one!"
Father looked concerned for a moment, and then he said.
"OK. This conversation ends now."
Maybe the doctor thought I might have leukemia.
At that time, I didn't realize that I was the the child of a Hibakusha, someone who had been exposed to the atomic bomb.
Maybe my illness was just a transient symptom of growing up.
But my father was terrified of losing me because he had been under the cloud of a nuclear bomb.
He never spoke of it again, but now I understand how worried he must have been about me and his other children.