"Beni, please bring some Oinarisan to your Obachan, because she sick in bed."
"Yes, mom." Beni said.
On the way to Obachan's cottage in the forest, an evil, the nine-tailed Kitsune found her...
"Ho ho~! My favorite fresh young spirit bringing my favorite food!"
"Must eat both!!"
So, Kitsune went to Obachan's cottage before Beni arrived.

After locking up Obachan in the storage room, Kitsune took the form of Obachan through magic.
When Beni arrived, Kitsune got into the Futon looking fragile.
Beni asked,
"Obachan, how do you feel?"
In a hoarse voice, Kitsune replied.
"Oh, not good little one..."
"Are you so sick?"
At just the moment Beni leaned over, Kitsune started to suck up her young and cheerful spirit.
Frightened Beni took some Oinarisan and put them into Kitsune's mouth instead of her spirit.
And hit Kitsune with a fire wood in all her strength.
Surprised with too much pain, Kitsune screamed, shed tears and ran away from Obachan's cottage.

After Beni rescued her Obachan from the storage room,she felt sorry for Kitsune because she hit so hard.
And she hoped Kitsune will get well soon.